What do the Street Chaplains do?

The Street Chaplains provide compassionate care without prejudice or judgment to anyone in need in the nightclub area.

1682489Townsville Street Chaplains are on Flinders Street East every Friday and Saturday night from 11pm to 3am, wearing their trademark purple reflective vests. In pairs, they patrol the nightclub district and surrounds by foot, caring for patrons of licensed venues, or anyone who is vulnerable or at risk in some way. They work closely with the Queensland Police, Ambulance and club security personnel on the street to help make the night out a safer one. They provide a friendly presence, a listening ear, comfort, advice, first aid care and basic supplies to ensure people get home safely.

Townsville Street Chaplains assist with the running of the Rest and Recovery Centre, in partnership with Anglicare North Queensland. The Centre is located next to the Public Toilets under Rambutan and is funded by the Queensland State Government. In the Centre the staff help to look after people in need of care and rest before they head home. Free water and basic first aid is provided.  If necessary, bunks and blankets are available for those who need to recover.

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